Olympic games: Anthony Barbar or the bet of youth

Following the example of her high compatriot Gabrielle Doueihy, Anthony Barbara, who will participate in the contest of the 50ms free swim, takes part of five Lebanese athletes who benefited of an invitation to the Olympic Games of Rio De Janeiro.

Anthony John Barbara, with his full name, may not be  the most professional Lebanese swimmer, but he is however one of the most gifted and surely the most gifted of his generation.

So, at the time of choosing two athletes whom she will send to Brazil, the Lebanese federation of swimming  preferred to emphasize on the youth and the future rather than focusing on professional swimmers, yet already younger ones, like Wael Kobrossly, who had competed in London four years ago.

Therefore, Anthony Barbar has heavy responsibilities. Not only he should not disappoint hopes put in him, but he must also record good performances in Rio. If a medal seems at this hour more than utopian, Barbar has nevertheless the necessary talent to beat his own time on distance of 50m free swimming. Affair to be therefore followed …

Who is Anthony Barbara?

Yet not 20-year-old, the swimmer star of Oklahoma baptist University, in the United States, has his own honors list of distinctions which fills you with desire, as well as several participation in international competitions, as the Asian Games inIncheon (South Korea) in 2014 where else the World championships of discipline in 2015 in Kazan (Russia), during which it blows up the record of Lebanon of the 50m butterfly with a new time of 24.88 seconds counter.

25.04 seconds previously

During these same World championships, Anthony had accomplished a honorable record of 24.31 seconds in 50m free swimming. In order to qualify himself for the half final, he will probably have to go down under the bar of 22.50 seconds.
The world record of discipline is held since 2009 by Cesar Cielo, a Brazilian swimmer, who accomplished the distance in 20.91 seconds

More comfortable swimming butterfly than free swimming, the swimmer of the Mont-La-Salle in Lebanon, notably carries off in May, 2015 the tournament of Mexico City (Mexico), qualifying for World championships, in the test of the 50m butterfly. Anthony Barbar also ranked second of 2016 Speed champions series, an university tournament. About weeks later he registers a second success and goes up on the second step of the podium of university tournament South Sectional. That shows that our athlete does not lack rhythm.

The program of Anthony Barbar in Rio

This contest takes place for three days from August 11th till August 13th. So Thursday, August 11th will be dedicated to series which will start at 18 h (Paris time). The following day, place in semifinals from 3 h. Finally the final is as for her programmed on Saturday, August 13th, precisely at 3 am in the morning. So mainly that it is going to be necessary to get up very early or to sleep very late to attend to the competitions of swimming.

What is the free swimming?

Free swimming is the least regulated style of swimming used during the competitions of the international federation of swimming (I.F.S).. It is to note that crawl is used by almost all swimmers, because it is considered to be the quickest swimming. Since then, term swims free is often used as synonym of crawl.

It is necessary to know that there are 9 individual competitions for the free swimming World champions of swimming as well as in Summer Olympic Games (50 meters; 100 meters; 200 meters; 400 meters; the 800 meters; 1500 meters; 5 kilometers; 10 kilometers and 25 kilometers).