Oil Could Lie at the Root of US Growing Military Presence in Africa

Despite Washington pouring millions of American taxpayers’ dollars into the US military infrastructure and arms supplies to troubled African states, the continent is not getting any safer. So what are the real objectives of the US African Command in the region?

In his latest article for The Intercept a US award-winning journalist, Nick Turse, turned a spotlight on a paradoxical situation: although the US government has poured hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to the Pan Sahel African countries since 2002, the region has become less secure. “The region, relatively free of transnational terror threats in 2001, is now beset by regular attacks from Boko Haram, a once-tiny, nonviolent, Islamist sect from Nigeria that has since pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and threatens the stability of not only its homeland but also Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. And Boko Haram is just one of 17 militant groups now menacing the region,” Turse points out.

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