(Audio) My stance is a New Electoral Law! PM Hariri from Baabda Palace: ” I will call for a Cabinet Session Next Week.”

After meeting President Michel Aoun Thursday, Prime Minister Saad Hariri addressed the reporters from Baabda Palace and said that he is optimistic about the possibility of reaching an agreement on a new electoral law in the near future.
(You can Listen to PM Hariri in the attached audio media above)

“I discussed the latest developments with president Aoun, and we both agreed on the importance of having a new electoral law,” and added that he met Wednesday with Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri and that the latter is also eager to resolve the issue of legislative elections. “I believe we will achieve a positive result.”

Prime Minister Hariri urged all parties to work together to reach an agreement that ensures correct representation. “All parties have a great responsibility at this level to work together in order to reach an electoral formula that ensures equitable representation for all.”

“We are not in a confrontation with any political group, on the contrary, we are working around the clock on the electoral file’s law, and I am optimistic that things will reach a agreeable resolution,” Hariri said.

“The differences are only in certain details and they can be overcome.” The PM assured the press and said that he is against a new parliament’s extension and that he will convene a cabinet meeting next week.

“The issue of the electoral law will be included, among other things, on the agenda of the meeting,” Hariri concluded.

Before concluding his speech, Hariri answered a question about the sanctions that were imposed on Lebanon by the US administration and said, “the sanctions are harsh and harmful to the Lebanese; however it is not the end of the world and Lebanon will negotiate with the US administration in order to reach an agreement or at least attenuate them.”