MP Ziad Aswad meets President Aoun

General Michel Aoun met Friday afternoon, with the deputy of Jezzine Ziad Aswad, at Baabda Palace. Aswad thanked the president, on behalf of the Jezzine people for the appointment of the new board of directors of the government-run Jezzine Hospital.

“Such an appointment is a new element for the activation of this essential facility for the inhabitants of Jezzine,” said MP Aswad.


MP Aswad sought the support of President Aoun for the implementation of rigorous projects in the district of Jezzine, including the opening of a branch of social security, a Lebanese military barracks and a land registration center.

MP Aswad also asked for the transformation of the electricity of Jezzine into an independent authority.

Aswad hailed the President’s care in the construction of the dams, including the implementation of measures allowing the region of Jezzine to benefit from the Besri dam.

Hala Hayek Najjar