MP Kanaan: “Qualification Law enjoys Acceptance.”

“The flaw is not Sectarianism rather Patriotism.”

Following the weekly meeting of the Change and Reform bloc in Rabieh, MP Ibrahim Kanaan spoke to the media and said:

“- The issue of coexistence is not a joke, nor a slogan to hide behind it.”

“- When we talk about the truth everyone ignores it.”

“- The Free Patriotic Movement was the object of many misleading campaigns to tarnish its image and all of its achievements.”

“- I am surprised that more than 20 proposals have been made regarding the law on voting, and all of them have been rejected.”

“- I would like to ask if it was the proposal of qualification that aroused sectarianism in the parliament? Whenever  Minister Gebran Bassil proposes a format, they label it as sectarian.”

“- Let us all remember that sectarianism was the base of all groups that have been represented in the political system since the independence.”

“- A new electoral law will eventually be adopted and the elections will be held and there will be no vacancy or an extension of time”.

“- No alliance can reach above the ceiling of the constitution and no political interest can surpass the ceiling of justice.”

“- I am wondering the cause of all this turmoils over the electricity plan, and I call on the cabinet to take a decision on this issue at tomorrow’s session.”

“- Let everyone remember that the FPM is and will always be the advocate of the reform project.” Kenaan concluded