MP Ibrahim Kanaan: “Residency Does Not Imply Naturalization…”

MP Ibrahim Kanaan spoke to the media on Tuesday, following the meeting of the Change and Reform bloc and said that the grants and credits destined for Lebanon at CEDRE conference must be coupled with a bundle of necessary reforms, adding that the Paris IV forum laid the underpinning for a fruitful and productive economy.

Furthermore, answering the Kataeb leader, Kanaan explained that granting residence permits to foreigners did not mean granting them citizenship, warding off concerns over settlement plans.

Earlier Gemayel told the press that by approving the Article 50 of the budget, the authority paved the way for thousands of Syrians with the financial capabilities, to buy an apartment and get the permanent Lebanese residency.

Tackling the issue of the upcoming elections MP Kanaan highlighted the necessity to monitor the transparency of the looming electoral process.

Also stated that under President Michel Aoun’s term, the citizens will be protected and free of any undue pressure.

“The judicial system will protect all citizens!” Kanaan concluded.