Minister Bassil meets with Turkish, German counterparts

Lebanese Foreign Minister stressed that Lebanon cannot give up, in any way, the opportunity to benefit from its natural reserves, stressing that this is a sovereign and national matter par excellence.

During a joint conference with his Turkish counterpart Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Bassil declared that discussions tackled the issue of the refugees, pointing out that the available and permanent solution lies in their return to their country and benefit from the regions where there is stability.

On the Syrian issue, the minister said that agreement was reached over Syria’s unity and the need to forma secular regime “where minorities and all beliefs and religions are allowed enough space of freedom to speak and believe.”

In the same regard, the Turkish minister stressed the need to reach a ceasefire agreement in Syria, mainly in Aleppo where the situation raises concerns and the where a political solution is the best fitting.

He emphasized the importance of an armament with a stronger strategy in order to fight organizations like the Islamic State and al-Nusra Front, stressing that Assad is responsible for killing more than 600 thousand people and he cannot remain in power.

On another note, Cavusoglu stressed the importance of Lebanon’s security and stability, adding that the presidential election is a positive move in the Lebanese democratic process.

Bassil meets with German counterpart

Minister Bassil stated that the cooperation between Lebanon and Germany is multifaceted, adding that Lebanon suffers a shortage in resources yet it hosts the largest number of refugees.

“Such situation is unprecedented, which puts Lebanon in a special position,” he said.

During a joint conference with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Bassil noted that Lebanon agrees with Germany over the need to fight terrorist organizations through ending their funding.

For his part, the German minister said that his previous visits to Lebanon have been made during difficult situations, extending his congratulations to the new president.

He pointed out that the Lebanese people are capable of overcoming their political issues to build a better future, adding electing a new president proves that Lebanon can overcome political deadlock, which symbolizes the ability to peacefully coexist and work on building a future for Lebanon.

He reiterated his country’s call on the Lebanese political factions to hasten the formation of the new cabinet.

On another note, the minister pointed out that the number of the Syrian refugees is way larger than Lebanon can bear, adding that his nation will provide the necessary assistance in this regard.

“We are ready to offer financial assistance for Lebanon in order to bear the burden of the Syrian refugees and we will offer Lebanon an amount of 10 million euros,” he stated.