Michel Mouawad marking his late father’s 27th assassination commemoration: For turning the page on disputes, rallying around new presidential mandate

Head of the Independence Movement, Michel Mouawad, called on Sunday for “turning the page on all differences and rallying around the new presidential mandate since no side can be eliminated or overlooked in the country.”

“The nation is enough to accommodate all parties and sides,” said Mouawad, quoting the words of his late father, President Rene Mouawad.

His words came during the 27th commemoration of Martyr President Mouawad’s assassination, which was held at St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Zgharta, amidst a crowd of senior officials and prominent figures.

Mouawad paid tribute to the memory of his late father, recalling his many attributes as a strong president who believed in the sovereignty and independence of the Lebanese State, and the mutual partnership and coexistence of its people in a nation that belongs to all its citizens.