Mashnouk: Information Division plays a Key role in preventing the downing of a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi!

Interior Ministrer Nohad Mashnouk said in a live conference Tuesday noon that the current military operation, “Fajr-al-Jouroud” in Ras Baalbek is promising in its speed and ability to achieve victory. 

After sending his tribute to the martyrs of the Lebanese army, Mr. Mashnouk assured that the security situation in Lebanon is cohesive and under control.

Talking about the Information Division, Mashnouk said that the division helped foil a major operation to blow up a flight from Australia to Abu Dhabi by a Lebanese suicide bomber,  named “Tarek al Khayat” from North Lebanon.

Lebanon prevents the downing of a flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

“If it weren’t for the coordination between the Australian and Lebanese security forces, the operation would have been easy to carry out,” Mr. Mashnouk told the press.

It is to note that 120 Lebanese out of 400 passengers were on board the plane.

Hala Hayek Najjar