Marouni Says Kataeb to Stand by Aoun in Order to ‘Rebuild Lebanon’

MP Elie Marouni of the Kataeb bloc has stressed that his party will stand by newly-elected President Michel Aoun in order to “rebuild Lebanon.”

“We in Kataeb will stand hand in hand by the president of the Lebanese republic, General Michel Aoun, in order to rebuild Lebanon, although we practiced our democratic right by refraining from voting for him,” Marouni said during a Kataeb ceremony in Australia’s Melbourne.

And as he noted that the cabinet formation process “is still within the acceptable timeframe,” Marouni called for reactivating legislation in parliament following the formation of the government.

Marouni also hailed the latest achievement of the Lebanese army against Islamic State militants while calling on Australia and the “entire international community” to “assist the Lebanese army in its anti-terror fight.”