Loyalty to Resistance MPs urge to pursue dialogue, respect national balance

NNA – The “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc held its regular meeting at its headquarters in Haret Hreik under the chairmanship of MP Mohammad Raad with talks touching on the latest developments in the Lebanese and regional spheres.

The statement issued in the wake of the meeting dwelled on last year’s catastrophic tragedy that occurred in Mina around Adha “and claimed the lives of thousands of pilgrims as a result of poor management which was clearly the responsibility of the Saudi regime.”

The bloc stressed that “the resumption of national dialogue is a national necessity (…) despite the severity of disparities and political differences. The dialogue committee, under the auspices of Speaker Nabih Berri, constitutes a realistic opportunity for all parties to reach solutions that could take the country out of the tunnel of political crises.”

“The alternative option for dialogue would lead to complexity and prolonged crisis, whatever the balance of power between parties,” MPs said in their statement, calling to make the necessary contacts to achieve dialogue’s return as soon as possible.

“Despite the bloc’s belief of the necessity and importance of government’s continuing to carry out its responsibility and exercise its constitutional powers, and in order to avoid repercussions of existing differences, and make way for contacts aiming to put things back on track, we demanded the postponement of the Cabinet session scheduled for today and informed all concerned parties that our ministers will not participate in the session,” the statement read.

“The required solution entail taking into account the national balance and true partnership, in addition to respecting the requirements of conviviality and resorting to the Constitution and the National Accord document without any selectivity or discretion,” it went on.

Loyalty to Resistance MPs finally underscored the “destructive role played by the Saudi regime vis-a-vis Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran and others,” noting that the said regime bears the responsibility of stirring tensions, conflicts and wars, and aborting all attempts to restore stability and security in the region.