Lights, Camera, Action!

While the Syrian government forces in conjunction with Russian aerial assistance fight to fully liberate the city of Aleppo, western media are sparking a propaganda war deeming liberators as criminals.

atrocities Western media continue to blame Syrian and Russian military forces for the atrocities occurring on the ground, citing unnamed sources. “All Western statements with reference to ‘posts of activists’ and movies about alleged ‘Russian airstrikes’, ‘firing squads’ and other staged scenes were filmed by special TV groups which consist of militants. It remains unknown why some media used it without checking the source. Some advice — do not believe the propaganda of the terrorists,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday. “Actually, I do not know any firsthand assessments of independent humanitarian organizations, which have their representatives in eastern Aleppo. None of them have confirmed reports about the atrocities being committed, the kidnapping of people, who are escaping from eastern Aleppo,” Lavrov said. It seems like nobody wants to see happy Aleppo residents celebrating the city’s liberation.

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