Lebanese -Team world championship

Wissam Abi Nader

We are a Lebanese Martial Arts team based in Lebanon, and this is our third year competing in the World Championship in Nevada . 

In 2014, we achieved the following results:
Women’s Strawweight : Silver – Rachelle Abou Abdallah (Lebanon)
Men ‘s Lightweight : 5th Place – Joeshwa Mortada (Lebanon)
Men’s Middleweight : 5th Place – Imad Hoayek (Lebanon)

In 2015, and despite stiff competition we achieved the following:
Men ‘s Lightweight : 3rd Place – Joeshwa Mortada (Lebanon)
Men’s Middleweight : 3rh Place – Imad Hoayek (Lebanon)

Now we’re trying to compete in the 2016 World Championship 
 that will be held July 5 – Sunday, July 10 in Las Vegas, USA, but we are not yet fully funded. We are about $10,000 short on the budget, and we’re facing difficulties due to the financial difficulties of Lebanon, and of trying to launch a new sport in Lebanon. We are trying to do this independently and trying to avoid all the complexities of politics and corruption in Lebanon, and a friend offered to promote us on this website with the Lebanese Diaspora to see if we can raise the funds in time. 

The money you donate will be used to pay for the rooms and the expenses of all the athletes. We already raised about $9600 and need another $10,000. 

4 Lebanese fighters will participate in this event and will represent LEBANON and the event will be covered by  UFC Fight Pass and international TV channels, all international ,LOCAL (LEBANESE) and ARAB NEWSPAPERS and By MTV Lebanon.

The Budget needed to cover the event is 19600$.

The budget includes Tickets – Registration – Visas & accommodation for 4 Athletes + 2 coach + 1 Team Leader and 1 Journalist .

This means a lot for our sport, and to have the opportunity to put Lebanon’s name on the Martial arts map in the world, and potentially bring some sponsors and help grow the sport into a world level. Martial Arts  is very healthy and helps young men and women take out their frustrations inside the ring and not outside it, and promotes a healthy lifestyle away from alcohol, smoking and drugs, which is becoming more and more common in Lebanon. 

We hope that you can sponsor us, and help us get there, and also come cheer for us in the fights 

Thank you!