Khalil: Presidential vacuum left a negative impact on all institutions, Army can solely safeguard State’s image

NNA – MP Anwar EL-Khalil considered, on Sunday, that the “presidential vacuum has caused negative repercussions affecting all institutions in the country,” adding that “the Lebanese Army and military institutions alone are capable of preserving the State’s image and authority.”

Khalil’s words came during the luncheon banquet held at his Hasbaya residence in honor of South Council Head, Kabalan Kabalan, which he organized on behalf of House Speaker Nabih Berri. The event was attended by prominent political figures and senior officials.

Khalil praised Kabalan’s role in “transforming the notion of administrative work from a mere job to a national responsibility.” He paid tribute to the South Council’s important and lively contribution at the developmental level, namely through its various executed projects in the region.

Kabalan, in turn, thanked Khalil for his thoughtful gesture and great generosity “which springs from sincere friendship and kindness.”

He added: “The South Council is a comprehensive developmental workshop in service of the Southern community’s infrastructure, advancement and progress at various levels.”