Kanaan meets Geagea, says Meerab agreement bridge of communication among all sides

NNA – Lebanse Forces Leader, Samir Geagea, met in Meerab on Wednesday with MP Ibrahim Kanaan, delegated by Change and Reform Parliamentary bloc leader, Deputy General Michel Aoun.

In the wake of an hour and a half long meeting, Kanaan gave an address in which he reiterated the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces’ keenness on the existing agreement between both parties, especially at the level of joint work involving constitutional institutions and other dossiers of interest to the Lebanese.

“This is not a mere agreement between two parties, but rather an agreement between two sides that enjoy national representation as a whole,” Kanaan said, deeming Meerab agreement “a bridge, but also hand that’s extended to all sides en route to the much-need solutions to the crises that we endure.”

Moreover, Kanaan said that despite the fact that the agreement is an inter-Christian one, but it remains a national initiative that aims to protect partnership and the Lebanese presidency.

“It is also ensures proper, just, and constitutional representation at the House of Parliament by means of reaching agreement over a new electoral law and granting all sides their right to Parliament renewal for attaining all the required steps to move forward,” Kanaan added.