Kanaan after Change and Reform bloc’s meeting: Cabinet consultations persist

“Change and Reform” bloc secretary, Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan said after his bloc’s weekly meeting “Contacts over the cabinet are still ongoing and there can’t be a final line-up before the president and the PM-designate agree on it”.

“Respect for the National Pact which was demanded has started materializing,” the Deputy added.

The lawmaker refused to exclude any side from the cabinet.

“We are with the formation of a national unity cabinet that includes all the factions and rescues the nation from the impasse,” he asserted.

Regarding the electoral law, the MP said “There is a positive development and the new law will be a priority to all parliamentary blocs. I did not see any objection from any side on the approval of a new law”.

He stressed the need to hold parliamentary elections on schedule in accordance with a new electoral law, “without extending the parliament’s term or returning to 1960 law”.