IDF, Robot: Israel Rolls Out 7-Ton Autonomous Fighting Vehicle

The 3-ton payload include manipulator arms, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sensors and radars, as well as remotely controlled weapons.

“With the modular ‘robotic kit’ methodology, designed to meet specific customer requirements, RoBattle is one of the most advanced combat, maneuvering, ground robotics [units] in the market,” according to Meir Shabtai, IAI’s deputy general manager of ground robotics systems.

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RoBattle, which is the size of a small car, is also equipped with a sophisticated system for overcoming obstacles.

The vehicle can climb to a height of one and a half meters and lower itself to a visible height of 60 centimeters in order to evade enemy fire.

Also, the robot can operate up to 12 hours without recharging while in “ambush mode”, which includes tracking and responding settings.