French Health Minister visits Hotel Dieu Hospital: Symbol of common LebaneseFrench humanity cause

French Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine, visited on Thursday evening, along with her accompanying delegation and French Ambassador Emmanuel Bonn, Hotel Dieu Hospital in Ashrafieh where she had a closer look at the new services provided by the Hospital’s various departments, as well as the educational and academic exchange programs between Lebanon and France within the medical field.

Touraine stressed on the “strength of the relation between France and Hotel Dieu Hospital,” noting that her visit is an indication of said relation.

Touraine highlighted the need “to further develop bilateral ties between both countries in the medical and health sector,” considering that “Hotel Dieu Hospital symbolizes the common humanity cause shared between Lebanon and France.”

“Humanitarian service and patient care rank amongst the top priorities of a proper society,” Touraine underscored.

She also stated that “France will develop new legislations to facilitate and assist in the development of the health sector, and is ready to welcome Lebanese students to its universities.”

“We ought to think about the relationship between Lebanon and France for the future,” Touraine concluded.