FPM Byblos Candidate Dr. Walid Najib el-Khoury: “You’ve elected the President and Now the Era awaits Your Support…”

As part of his campaign, the candidate of the Change and Reform bloc in Jbeil-Kessrouan Dr. Walid Najib Al-Khoury, made several tours in the region. In all his meetings, Khoury emphasized the importance of the role played by President Michel Aoun, and the need to support the president because “his era is an opportunity that does not repeat itself.”

Khoury highlighted the role played by the people in the previous legislative elections in 2005 – 2009, and addressed several social and economic issues that will be discussed in the near future with the new bloc’s deputies.

In terms of health, the Jbeil candidate urged the need to approve the seniors’ health-care program that was a draft of a proposed law presented to parliament for discussion, by President Aoun when he was a member of parliament…

It is worth mentioning that all the topics that dr. Khoury talked about and which he will strive to follow up and approve, will provide job opportunities for the Lebanese youth, will limit emigration as well as migration and activate their energy and develop the Lebanese economy.