Foreign Affairs & Emigrants Ministry Launches the Lebanese Nationality Program!

Minister Gebran Bassil: “Lebanon is Not a Land for Terrorists and Refugees.

The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants has launched a new Website that assists Lebanese worldwide, who don’t have their citizenship, to claim their Lebanese Nationality. The new Lebanese Nationality Program website is a completely free service and the website is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

This initiative aimed all Lebanese people in the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia and the entire African continent. According to the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Brazil alone is home to the largest number of Lebanese people in the world, including Lebanon;(7 million to 12 million Lebanese); Hence the reason the site is available in Portuguese.
Other Latin American countries:
Argentina:  1.5 million
Venezuela:  500,000
Mexico:       500,000+
Colombia:    700,000+
Ecuador:      250,000
Uruguay:     70,000
Caribbean:   550,000
Dominican Republic: 100,000
While the rest of the Latin American countries harbored about 200,000 Lebanese.

The Lebanese Foreign and Expatriates Minister Gebran Bassil called on Lebanese expatriates to reclaim their Lebanese citizenship so that “Lebanon is not lost to terrorists and refugees.”
The process is quite simple:
The website allows you to check if you’re eligible and lets you begin the process of applying for the Lebanese nationality. After applying, you’re linked to the nearest Lebanese diplomatic mission. Once your file is submitted, you can check your application through an application on your mobile, and you will be notified via the application about the update every step of the way, for free…
Check out the Web and reclaim your Lebanese Nationality!

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Hala Hayek Najjar