For Gebran… Martyrs are the most important!

The title of the March 14 dinner of the Free Patriotic Movement was “transparent funding, a free decision.”  An annual dinner organized to raise funds and donations for the Free Patriotic Movement Party, attended by nearly 1,700 people.

It had been said that some people had paid money to sit beside the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Minister Bassil, for electoral purposes; However, those who sat beside Bassil other than his wife were the activists, the fighters, the families of the martyrs of the Lebanese army, such as Elie el-Hajj, the son of the martyr François el-Hajj, and the mother of the martyr George Bou Saab, Mark houayek, Ghassan Abi Nader, and Tony Orian. Bassil’s table was a clear message that what’s important to him are the fighters.

Translated by Hala Hayek