Shbib orders evacuation of Ashrafieh building property 726

Beirut City Governor, Lawyer Ziad Shbib, ordered the evacuation and strengthening of a threatened building property #726 in Ashrafieh district, classified within the heritage buildings, based on the decree #107 by Culture Minister dated 22.08.2016.

Governor Shbib also issued a warning to the owners of the property for violating set laws in earlier renovation interior works at said building, as revealed by the inspection conducted by the relevant technical departments at Beirut Municipality’s Engineering Authority.

The violations led to the partial collapse of the building’s interior roofs, the matter that poses a serious threat to the building’s safety and residents.

Shbib asked property owners to reinforce the building and restore its previous structure, as soon as they receive the notice. The reinforcement work will be carried out under the supervision of an official engineer.