Many central hall homes, like these apartments, were damaged in the port explosion of August 2020.. Photographer: Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

Beirut – A City’s Resilience

Then came the August 2020 explosion, when huge amounts of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely at the port shook the entire city. Of 650 valuable historical buildings listed by Save Beirut Heritage, 500 were partly damaged, 40 […]


My Beloved “Liban”

My Beloved Liban have four categories: My People, Food Glorious Food, Weddings Here Are Beautiful and Stamps/Posters. Click on the images for more. My People Food Glorious Food Weddings Here Are Beautiful Stamps / Posters

Gibran Khalil

Gibran to the Lebanese Diaspora

I think Gibran moves me because his poetry makes taking the high road seductive again: “Life without freedom is like a body without a soul, and freedom without thought is confusion” “That which sings and […]

Kfarhim Cave

Caves of Lebanon

Achtarout . Afqa . Ain al-Bared . Ain Seraaya . Ain al-Libné . Ain Chara . al-Aaouamide . al-Ain . al-Choériyeh . al-Daamiyé . al-Dabaa . al-Haoua 1 . al-Jiyyé . al-Kassarate . al-Mhadded . […]

Baalbeck - Defying darkness with music

#ShineOnLebanon – Under the arches

Discover the amazing sights and sounds of this year’s Baalbeck International festival through the performances of Lebanon’s next generation of artists and musicians. Don’t miss the birth of a new breed of performers who refused […]