Cabinet of 30 ministers announced from Baabda palace

After more than one month and a half of consultations, the cabinet’s Secretary General Fouad Fleilfel announced Sunday the cabinet formation decrees from the Baabda presidential palace, listing the new ministers as follows:


– Saad Hariri Prime Minister

– Ghassan Hasbany named deputy PM and Health Minister

– Marwan Hamadeh Education Minister

– Ali Hassan Khalil named Finance Minister

– Jamal al-Jarrah Telecommunications Minister

– Yaacoub Sarraf Defense Minister

– Nouhad Mashnouq Interior Minister

– Gebran Bassil Foreign Minister

– Jean Ogassapian State Minister for Women’s Affairs

– Hussein Hajj Hassan Industry Minister

– Youssef Finianos Public Works Minister

– Melhem Riachi Information Minister

– Pierre Raffoul State Minister

– Nicolas Tueini State Minister

– Mouin Mourehbi State Minister for Refugees Affairs

– Talal Arslan Displaced Minister

– Odais Kadanian Tourism Minister

– Michel Faraon State minister for planning

– Ali Qanso State Minister for parliamentary affairs

– Mohammad Fneish Minister of Youth and Sports

– Ghazy Zeaiter Agriculture Minister

– Salim Jreissati Justice Minister

– Ayman Choucair State Minister

– Inaya Ezzeddine State Minister for Administrative Development Affairs

– Raed Khoury Economy Minister

– Cesar Abi Khalil Energy Minister

– Tareq al-Khatib Environment Minister

– Ghattas Khoury Culture Minister

– Mohammad Kabbara Labor Minister

– Pierre Abi Assi Social Affairs Minister