Berri: Parliament is targeted to abort electoral law and elections

NNA – Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri said on Saturday in a statement “what is currently taking place on the Lebanese scene is in its intentionally hidden reality an organized campaign against the parliament in order to abort the electoral law and the elections; a good evidence is that suddenly the intensive work to agree on a new electoral law and changed to concentrate on the salary scale issue.”

The statement said “It is true that the parliament’s duty is to approve the public’s rights, and it is the cabinet’s duty to provide revenues via the budget,” adding, “but, unfortunately, banking mafias and maritime institutions moved just as in 2014 to bloc funding it.”
Berri added, “I hereby address all the Lebanese and all the forces to assure them that things are to be put on the right track again and that work will take place from now on as follows:

1- To give priority to electoral law
2- To appoint a parliamentary investigative committee to reveal corruption and corruptors and put them to trial
3- To approve the salary scale to the righteous people
4- To endorse the budget.”

“This is the parliament’s position. It is due time to ‘cross the t’s and dot the i’s’. We will work according to the above mentioned points, “Berri said, reiterating that all the incidents that happened lately is purely political in order not to reach agreement on a new electoral law.