STL’s President meets Aoun: Court is independent, fair body

International Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“Today, the Chairperson of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Judge Ivana Hrdlickovل and Vice President of the Tribunal, Judge Ralph Riachy, congratulated the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, who recently was elected.”

Hrdlickovل briefed Aoun on the work of the Court.

“I have the honor to meet with President Michel Aoun, and I thank him for Lebanon’s continuous support to the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon,” she said.

She also stressed that the court is for Lebanon and the Lebanese people.

She emphasized that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon “is an independent, fair and impartial body and is committed to the highest professional standards in the field of international justice.”