Beary Says UNIFIL Would Evacuate Southern Citizens in Case of Crisis

After repeated troubles between the United Nations International Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and citizens in south Lebanon over the forces’ military vehicles patrols in some towns, UNIFIL Commander Michael Beary said on Thursday that the forces would use its military vehicles to evacuate the citizens shall a crisis erupt in the area, al-Akhbar daily reported on Thursday.

Our forces “will evacuate the citizens, women and children using these very military vehicle when a crisis occurs in the south,” he said during chitchats with reporters at the headquarters in Naqoura.

Giving an example on how their vehicles are used, Beary said: “Not many know the use of these vehicle which I would like to mention here.”

A few days ago, the UNFIL carried out a live exercise to evacuate its soldiers, employees and their families in the event of an incident. Although the training was a regular procedures carried out at all United Nations missions around the world, but the added measures to the recent training were striking, said the daily.

Reports said that residents of some towns in south Lebanon have been protesting the UNIFIL’s village patrols.