Bassil Tours Beirut’s First District and visits Religious Leaderships in Ashrafieh

Foreign Affairs and Minister, Gebran Bassil, kicked off his tour of religious leaders in Ashrafieh on Friday by visiting Armenian Catholic Patriarch, Krikor Pedros, at the patriarchal headquarters in the presence of political and religious figures.

Bassil also met with Beirut Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Audi. He was accompanied by State Minister for combating corruption Nicolas Tueni and former Minister Nicholas Sehnaoui. Bassil stated that these visits come as part of his tour of Beirut’s First District, (the Ashrafieh district).

Concerning the forthcoming legislative polls, Bassil noted that these elections constitute a great hurdle on the road to mending Lebanon’s political system, expressing his belief in the democratic process.
Bassil then met with Archbishop Daniel Kourieh at the Ephraim Syriac Orthodox church before his stop to inaugurate the main power transformer grid in Ashrafieh, where he stated in his speech ” the state needs our actions and deeds rather than our words, we can only solve our problems with determination and hard work.” He stressed the importance of building a productive economy to foster growth and secure job opportunities for the Lebanese.

Bassil deplored the presence of two diametrically opposed approaches in the country; “The first approach wants to make remarkable achievements and increase power supply and the second blocks roads and disrupts the Ministry’s work,” he criticized.
However, Bassil pledged to continue the struggle for the implementation of the electricity plan to secure the supply of electrical power.

Bassil’s tour ended with a dinner organized by Beirut’s first district at the Zone restaurant where he met crowds of citizens and supporters.
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