Bassil at FPM Conference: Whoever thinks that Aoun’s Presidency is a doorway to financial benefit is mistaken

Free Patriotic Movement Head, Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, deemed, on Sunday, that “whoever conceives General Michel Aoun’s reaching presidency as an entryway towards financial interests is at fault.”

Speaking at the FPM’s 2nd National Conference held at “Biel” in Central Beirut, Bassil stressed that “we ought to be good role models, and our current phase is one of giving to the State and society.”

He added: “We are the Movement of the Lebanese President, and not the Free Patriotic Movement Party, and today, we are the Movement of the Lebanese Republic, a strong Movement of a strong Lebanon.”

“Our strength springs from rectitude and the virtue of the cause which we carry,” Bassil went on, stressing that “we cannot imagine our Movement without force, just as we cannot accept Lebanon without power, and the basis of our struggle has always been to change the concept of a weak Lebanon to a strong Lebanon.”

“Our Movement considers reform amongst its priorities, and there can be no political reform without a new and modern electoral law,” Bassil added, pointing out that “the FPM will launch a new initiative in this connection tomorrow.”

Regarding combating corruption, Bassil indicated that the Movement “will have real and practical frameworks to fight corruption,” noting that “people are waiting for us to do a better job in this respect”

“Our presence here is linked to three aspects: our land, identity and culture, namely our civilization, nationality and sense of belonging, and the land is the area of Lebanon, of which we accept not to lose one kilometer or gain another at anyone’s expense,” Bassil underscored.

It is to note that during today’s Conference which was attended by more than 1350 members, a new vision for the Free Patriotic Movement was launched, in addition to endorsing the Movement’s 2016 and 2017 annual budgets.