Azzi tackles labor affairs with guests

NNA – Minister of Labor Sejaan Azzi received on Wednesday Head of the Socio-economic Council, Roger Nasnas, and discussed with him the launching of the socio-economic book.

Minister Azzi later held a meeting with representatives of the embassies of the Philippines and Madagascar in Lebanon with talks touching on means to organize their nationals’ labor in Lebanon.

Azzi informed his guests that the memoranda of understanding with the Philippines and Madagascar are ready so they can begin to lift the Lebanon travel ban imposed on their nationals.

Minister Azzi said “any delay in the conclusion of this contract with the abovementioned States will push the Lebanese Ministry of Labor to take a position in terms of giving work permits, because the current situation reinforces the role of mafias between Beirut and Manila; which has increased the cost for bringing Filipino domestic workers to Lebanon to five thousand dollars, and this could not continue.”

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor commissioned its inspection bureau to conduct thorough inspection of all restaurants, hotels, tourist establishments and massage places to adjust irregularities.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor continues to receive complaints against institutions and companies that expelled Lebanese workers or withheld their pension.