Aoun says Qatar, KSA visit opened new page with Gulf countries

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Thursday expressed relief concerning the outcome of the fresh Lebanese-KSA and Lebanese-Qatar talks, saying that they have opened a new page between Lebanon and Gulf countries.

“The direct and indirect outcome of the visit come into sight real soon and will serve the interest of both countries and peoples,” the President said in a chat with the press aboard the plane, on his way back to Beirut with his accompanying official Lebanese delegation.

“Relations with Gulf countries — with KSA at the forefront — have been restored. The Lebanese will witness more Gulf activity in Lebanon than before,” Aoun said.

Moreover, the Lebanese President expressed delight that all the issues of mutual Lebanese, KSA, and Qatar interest had received “full and clear support”, and will be followed-up via mutual ministerial visits between both countries.

“Lebanon is taking big and swift steps towards recovery and progress. It is gradually re-establishing its original status at the Arab, regional, and international scenes,” the President added.