Aoun: Problem lies in transgression of laws

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, said on Tuesday that the problem was not the absence of legal documents but the transgression of laws and their non-implementation.

President Aoun called for work in order to consecrate the cultural piers that would contribute in the exit from tight sectarian frameworks towards citizenship.

Aoun confirmed that he would push for the alleviation of sectarian brunt and its repercussions without minimizing the wealth of Lebanon, which constitutes its diversity and plurality and makes it a model country.

He stressed the necessity to shed light on humanitarian values and principles of co-existence, saying that “the resort of some to exagerate in calls for abolishing sectarianism does not practically lead to the intended abolition.”

The Head of State informed a delegation of civil society representatives that he attached great importance to bills related to family protection.

“The Law on the Protection of Persons with Special Needs was promulgated and its implementation must be ensured,” he pointed out.

General Aoun also received National Defense Minister, Yacoub Sarraf, who informed the President of the military institution situation and needs as well as his inspection tour on Lebanese-Syrian borders.

Aoun met with former Minister Marwan Charbel over most recent developments.

He also received Paraguay’s Ambassador Hassan Khalil Dia on the occasion of the end of his diplomatic mission and awarded him the National Order of the Cedar, wishing him all the best in his new diplomatic mission.