Aoun: Lebanon Condemns Use of WMDs Regardless of Perpetrator

President Michel Aoun stressed Friday that Lebanon condemns the use of weapons of mass destruction “regardless of the perpetrator,” in the wake of this week’s suspected chemical attack in Syria’s Khan Sheikhun that killed at least 86 people, among them 30 children.

The attack also left hundreds suffering symptoms including convulsions, vomiting or foaming at the mouth.

“Lebanon, which has signed all the international treaties and conventions that forbid the use of WMDs, condemns and deplores the use of these weapons regardless of the perpetrator,” Aoun told the regional director of the World Health Organization, Mahmoud Fekri, who visited him at the Baabda Palace.

Lebanon “also calls on the international community to compel Israel and the countries that have not signed these treaties to abide by their stipulations and subject their nuclear facilities to the inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Aoun added.