Ansarullah chief says Saudi King emulates Yazid against Yemenis

Syed Abdul Malik al Houthi, head of Ansarullah movement of Yemen, has said that Saudi monarch’s agenda for Yemen was an agenda that Umayyad dynastic and despotic ruler Yazid had chalked out against Muslim Ummah during his tenure.

“Saudis demands for Yemenis are identical with those tabled by Yazid,” he said addressing on the occasion of Ashura 10th Moharram as Zaydis of Yemen including Houthis commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussain (AS). He equated Saudi monarchy with Yazid’s regime because Yazid also sought hegemony and for that resorted to wars and belligerence against Muslims.
He said that U.Ss was the mastermind of Saudi war against Yemen at the behest of the U.S., Saudis wanted Yemenis to surrender and bow to pro-arrogance and pro-imperialists Saudi regime.
He turned down the Saudis demands and said those demands were not acceptable. He said Saudis had invented hypocrisy and division among Muslim Ummah.
Ansarullah chief vowed that Yemenis would continue to resist the foreign occupiers and aggressors and would never surrender nor bow to them.
He thanked Hezbollah and its chief Hassan Nasarullah for their support to the people of Yemen.