AMAL: We’re Not Obstructing Govt. Formation and No One Can Eliminate Us from Equation

A senior official of Speaker Nabih Berri’s AMAL Movement stressed Sunday that no one can “eliminate” his movement from the political equation and that it is not to blame for the delay in the cabinet formation process.

“We are not the ones who are obstructing the formation of this cabinet and we have told others that we don’t care about ministerial portfolios,” Sheikh Hassan al-Masri, the deputy head of AMAL’s politburo, said.

“But if all these things that are taking place in Lebanon are aimed at eliminating us from the equation, our heads will remain high and no force, party or person can eliminate us or (Speaker Berri) from the equation,” Masri added.

Berri has insisted that the finance and public works portfolios should remain with AMAL and that the Marada Movement should get a key portfolio.

Marada’s demand is one of the main obstacles that are still delaying the cabinet line-up.