AMAL Says ‘Shiite Duo’ Not Seeking to Confront FPM-LF Alliance

A senior official of Speaker Nabih Berri’s AMAL Movement announced Sunday that AMAL and Hizbullah are not seeking a confrontation with the rising Lebanese Forces-Free Patriotic Movement alliance.

“Let no one bet that AMAL Movement and Hizbullah will form a Shiite duo to confront a Christian duo represented in the FPM and the LF. We support the unity of Christians, the unity of Muslims and the unity of the country,” Sheikh Hassan al-Masri, the deputy head of AMAL’s politburo, said.

“What we share with President (Michel) Aoun is a lot bigger than our differences,” Masri noted, downplaying the latest tensions between Aoun and Berri.

“We share the same vision regarding Lebanon’s unity, Lebanon’s Arab identity and his endorsement of the resistance. We and President Aoun are working for Lebanon’s unity and Arab identity and we’re seeking to protect Lebanon, so let no one bet on anything else,” the AMAL official added.