Abbas Ibrahim: Daesh poses biggest threat

Director-General of General Security Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said in an interview with DailyStar to be published tomorrow (Wednesday) that “Daesh terrorist organization poses the biggest threat to Lebanon,” praising continuous cooperation with all local, Arab and Western security apparatuses.

“The security situation in Lebanon is stable,” Ibrahim said, stressing the need to stay in a state of full readiness.

Ibrahim asserted that General Security apparatus is carrying out his preemptive plan against terrorist organizations, noting that said apparatus “was able to uncover some of the new tactics adopted by terrorist groups.”

On the other hand, Ibrahim touched on cooperation between the Lebanese and Syrian security apparatuses, adding “this cooperation comes due to the geographical location between the two countries.”

Regarding the security situation in Ain el Helweh Camp, Ibrahim emphasized that the Lebanese State supported the Palestinians inside the camp in order to control the situation inside it.

“The situation in Ain el Hewleh Camp is fragile and might witness tension and security conflicts at any time,” he added.

“A political decision is required to allow the army to enter the camp and control the situation,” he concluded.