Zeaiter visits Rahme on Easter occasion: For the cooperation of all to reach an election law that achieves proper representation

NNA – Agriculture Minister Ghazi Zeaiter visited, on Sunday, Baalbek – Deir al-Ahmar Maronite Archbishop Hanna Rahme, congratulating him on the Easter occasion.

The visit was a chance to dwell on the latest hour issues, namely the parliamentary elections. In this context, Zeaiter stressed on coexistence between all Lebanese, calling for “joint cooperation of all sides in order to reach an election law that would ensure proper representation.”

He also praised Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bshara Boutros al-Rai’s keen concern for the work of constitutional institutions in the country.

In turn, Archbishop Rahme commended House Speaker Nabih Berri’s positions, which “constitute the true guarantee of the unity of Lebanon.”