US Massacre of Syrian Soldiers Exposes Washington’s Mendacity

The massacre of 62 Syrian soldiers and wounding of 100 more in a US airstrike, while the Syrian Army was engaged in combat against Daesh in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, leaves Washington with no hiding place when it comes to exposing its role in a conflict that has been prolonged by its objective to overthrow a legitimate government.

Compounding this atrocity were the outrageous and despicable comments of Washington’s UN Ambassador, Samantha Power, in response, after making her displeasure known at being forced to attend an emergency, closed session of the UN Security Council called by Russia, leaving no doubt that in her eyes the privilege of calling such emergency sessions is the provenance of the US and US alone. Rather than take the opportunity to apologize for this horrific “accident” and convey, on behalf of the US government, her condolences to the families of the Syrian soldiers killed in the airstrike, the United States UN Ambassador sought to deflect from this atrocity with a long diatribe against Russia, the Syrian government and its armed forces, accusing each of the aforementioned of purposely targeting civilians and civilian targets in Aleppo. It is the same transparent anti-Russia and anti-Assad propaganda that the US and its allies have dealt in throughout a conflict in which the participation of the US is a clear violation of Syrian sovereignty. 60,000 Syrian soldiers and officers have perished in the course of this brutal war, killed defending their families, communities and country from a modern incarnation of the Khmer Rouge in the form of Daesh, Nusra, and the so-called moderate rebels, who only exist in the dreams and fantasies of US propagandists and western ideologues. Coincidence or…? The question all-right thinking people now demand an answer to is when did the US start flying sorties in support of Daesh? The reason this is a pertinent question to ask is that straight after this airstrike, Daesh mounted an offensive against the airbase that was in the process of being defended by the Syrian Army. Was this just a coincidence, or is it, as many believe, evidence of a coordinated air and ground assault? You can’t blame people for being suspicious when all you need do is strip away the obfuscation to see that Washington would prefer Daesh to succeed in this conflict than the Syrian government and its armed forces. Out of Control Juggernaut It is a state of affairs that confirms Washington’s continuing attachment to the vast experiment in democracy it has been conducting in the region since 9/11, an experiment responsible for the destruction of Iraq, Libya, and wider region’s destabilization. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confer at the conclusion of their press conference about their meeting on Syria in Geneva, Switzerland September 9, 2016. © REUTERS/ Kevin Lamarque Details of Russia-US Deal on Syria Disclosed After Coalition’s Attack on Syrian Army The human cost is neither here nor there in the eyes of US hawks, Republican and Democrat. All that matters is that any state or government that dare refuse to bow to America’s writ is toppled as it stumbles around the region like an out of control juggernaut laying waste to everything it comes into contact with. The United States and its allies has no place in Syria, never has had any place in Syria, and never will have any place in a country whose people have over the past five years heroically resisted a determined attempt to destroy one of the few surviving secular and non-sectarian states in the Arab world. It would not be the first time that the US has lined up on the same side as barbarism in its history. In Central America, Cambodia, and Afghanistan it has funded and armed groups and ideologies whose brutality and inhumanity has been medieval, even primeval, in its extremism. The Contras, the previously mentioned Khmer Rouge, and the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan, which late morphed into al-Qaeda, each have benefited from US largesse. No Alternative In Syria, the government — led by President Bashar al-Assad — retains the support of the majority of Syrians, who understand that it his government all that stands between the country’s survival and destruction. There is no mature democratic alternative waiting in the wings to take his place. The reality is that if he stood down as Syrian President at this juncture, Syria’s state institutions would collapse, the army would fall apart, as demoralization and anarchy obtained. The result would be the massacre of the nation’s minority communities without restraint. The result would be a refugee crisis to make the status quo seem like child’s play by comparison. The Real Enemy Syrian Army Repels Daesh Attack Near Deir ez-Zor Airbase © AFP 2016/ GEORGE OURFALIAN Risky Consequences of Coalition’s ‘Mistaken’ Airstrike on Syrian Army If the Americans genuinely and sincerely held the wellbeing of the Syrian people as a priority in this conflict, they would have already joined with Russia, the Syrian government, and its allies in defeating Daesh, Nusra, and the various other groups of religious and sectarian fanatics. This they would have understood was necessary not only for Syria, not only for the region, but for their own people, who find themselves a full fifteen years after 9/11 more vulnerable to terrorism than they have ever been. The enemy of the American people is not Russia, Syria or Iran. The enemy of the American people is the hypocrisy of their own government. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.

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