The right to exist goes both ways

Velshi: The right to exist goes both ways

Velshi: The right to exist goes both ways Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself. That’s a fact. The same is true for Palestinians – that point seems to get missed. Palestinians are, at best, third class citizens in the nation of […] from Gaza

Life and Death in Gaza

In an article this week, a Palestinian-Lebanese-American writer, Mary Turfah, wrote about rising death tolls, and how through them, the ‘singularity of life collapses into anonymity’. She spoke of how the ‘reality of each loss is each time and for each person specific, and it […]


Bassil Responds to Controversial Video Clip!

After a clip of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil’s 45-minute interview on Al-Mayadeen TV December 26 circulated on social media and news outlets, a statement from Bassil’s office clarified this issue and reported that it was “clear that the purpose of this edited version is to […]