Rahi calls for the election of a president

NNA – Maronite Patriarch Bechara Rahi hoped that the “divine light guides political parties to elect a president and puts an end to corruption.”

The Maronite prelate spoke Saturday from Diman, chairing the third annual Mass of the “Garden of the Patriarchs” in the presence of an audience of political figures.

He regretted the situation of the Arab world, “devoured by wars and conflicts” for economic, political and strategic reasons, “calling on the Lord to intervene with his divine light, to put an end to the darkness.”

“Only this light warrants (…) the commitment of political parties to elect a head of state, to make reforms, to boost the constitutional and public institutions, to end the corruption and waste of public funds, improve the economy and restore confidence of the people,” he added.

The head of the Maronite Church also placed the corner stone for a nursing home for the elderly and crafts shop sponsored by the League of Qannoubine.