President Aoun meets diplomatic corps, maintains legislative polls top priority

President of the republic, Michel Aoun, maintained on Tuesday that organizing the legislative polls according to a new law is a top priority, stressing that proportionality ensures correct representation, and that the concerns of some sides regarding a proportional voting mode are “unjustified.”

Aoun’s remarks came during his meeting with the diplomatic corps accredited in Lebanon.

“The Lebanese society should be a model of coexistence,” the President underlined, highlighting his will to restore stability on the political, security, and economic levels.

“My will is to protect the state and prevent strife on the local scene. My will is also to build strong and transparent institutions that would restore citizen’s confidence,” he added.

Pointing out at the reverberations of the massive displacement of Syrians into Lebanon, Aoun urged the international community to recognize the country’s particularity.

Accordingly, he hoped that all initiatives would aim to clinch a long-term solution to the conflict in Syria.

“The international policies have led the region to where it is now; extinguishing the flames has become a practical dire need,” he said.

Aoun went on to remind that Palestine was divided by a UN resolution, wondering why Israelis still violate Palestinian lands.

Commenting on the demolition of old civilizations by terrorists and their attacks on mosques and churches, the President indicated that “this is the Arab hell not spring.”

He added that no country could remain away from the world crises, stressing on cooperation in terms of intelligence services to fight terrorism.

“The right track must be drawn by an international will to anchor peace,” he said.

Apostolic Nuncio Gabriele Caccia, also dean of the diplomatic corps in Beirut, has said, in the beginning of the meeting, that Lebanon managed to demonstrate significant stability on the level of security, amid neighboring unrest, “thanks to the excellent work made by the army and the security forces, which prevented all communities from entering the vicious circle of violence.”

The diplomat reminded that the 2006 adoption of UN resolution 1701 as well as the establishment of the Lebanon Support Group in 2012 proved the “constant concern” of the international community with preserving Lebanon’s sovereignty, stability, and independence.

“We, the present conferees, as well as the governments we represent, hope that the large entente in Lebanon will pave the way for a path enclosing the entire region, in order to reach the sought peace in the nearest time possible,” Caccia said.