Operation Mani Pulite in Lebanon

Operation Mani Pulite has started in Lebanon. An honest and courageous judge has dared to tackle corruption cases head-on and rebels against the corrupt and manipulated judicial system, in the pay of the crooked politicians who have plundered the country and want to cover up their crimes at all costs.
Judge Ghada Aoun dared to open hot files such as those of the Casino, adulterated fuel, the Bank of Lebanon, technical control fraud and many others. She dared to challenge former prime ministers, ministers, deputies, or the governor of the central bank, hitherto considered among the untouchables …
Currently, she is under the wrath of this corrupt political class which is afraid for the first time of being exposed. This thunderbolt is unfortunately manifested through the hierarchical superiors of Judge Aoun, in particular through Ghassan Oueidat, the public prosecutor appointed directly by Hariri and guided by the politico-mafia system which has ruled the country since 1992.
Judge Oueidat illegally and abusively decided to relinquish Aoun’s financial records in an obvious attempt to protect these policies challenged in these records.
However, Judge Aoun chose to continue this battle despite everything and indeed raided one of the largest exchange offices in Lebanon suspected of having facilitated the movement of large sums in dollars, to destabilize the market and accentuate the devaluation of the currency.
Today the battle is open and constitutes the only path proposed. This battle requires the support of the entire Lebanese population, which is bent under corruption, of all persuasions and all faiths.
Against Ghada Aoun gathered all those who caused the ruin of the country, who profited from the system, including politicians, journalists, judges or religious. All those who have suffered and still suffer this mafia system and pay dearly for it with their health, their treasuries and the future of their children must stand behind her.
I understand those who have doubts or who have questions. However, the battle is now taking place and the breach is open. I ask them to keep their doubts, to give their vigilant but firm support to win this battle. Subsequently, the time for criticism or analysis of history will come. It is in the collective interest of the nation.

Dr Elie Haddad