NNA Conference: Falha calls for boosting media to spread righteous and just message worldwide


Information Ministry Director, Dr. Hassan Flaha, represented by Radio Lebanon Director, Mohammad Ibrahim, on Monday highlighted the importance of boosting media to help spread a just and righteous message among the civilizations of the world.

Falha’s words came in an address he gave during the first session of the National News Agency’s “Media Spreading Civilizations and Connecting Dialogues” international conference, which will be taking place at Hilton Hotel, Beirut, on Monday March 20th and Tuesday March 21st.

In his speech, Falha depicted the media as an artistic tool that had become available to all, rendering the media one of “hasty” nature.

Moreover, the Information Ministry Director said that he was one of the prime advocates and practitioners of dialogue.

“The culture of accepting one another is a noble one that has been adopted by all religions and practiced by modern laws. Europe, Canada, and Latin America have been receiving people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds to merge in their societies. Long ago, the Arab Middle East used to receive people of different races, most notably during the World War, when it received tens of thousands of migrating Europeans who fled to our regions to escape merciless wars and destruction,” Ibrahim said as delivering Falha’s speech.

“Unfortunately, we see today that some countries do not wish to welcome people of different origins. They have become closed to themselves, going against their history, and against the path required to open civilizations onto one another, unfortunately giving birth to radicalism and terrorism,” he added.

Falha expressed hope that this conference would deepen ties and communication, as well as exchange of expertise to help spread knowledge and education that will benefit humanity.

“The most important thing of all is to boost our media outlets in a way which facilitates spreading all what’s just and righteous. Let the media perform its role in spreading civilizations across the globe and to be a bridge for dialogue to transform the people of hate to people of love,” he added.