Lebanese PM Hariri pays a Working Visit to Russia in September.

The Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri is due to pay a working visit to Russia on September 11-13, the country’s Embassy in Moscow told TASS.

The Russian government’s press service said earlier that Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev will hold a meeting with Hariri on September 13. The two prime ministers will discuss the current state and prospects for bilateral cooperation in trade, economy, investment and humanitarian fields as well as other issues.

Russian arms’deliveries will be a key issue during the meeting between the Lebanese Prime Minister and the Russian President at the beginning of next week.

However, Beirut cannot yet guarantee the conclusion of such agreement. The fact is that Lebanon is pressed by the United States which does not want the Lebanese to buy weapons from outside the US market. Therefore, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is attempting to conclude a favorable deal for businesses without provoking the anger of its Western “partners”.

Translated by Hala Hayek Najjar