Naim Qassem: solution to presidency is clear, known

NNA – Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Thursday during a graduation ceremony in Batoul “as for the selection of the President of the Republic, the road to the presidential solution is clear and well known. If a political solution for Lebanon is given then a president will be elected”.

He stressed the need to elect the president who represents the people of Lebanon, and is accepted at his community, and does not follow the dictates of others”, Qassem emphasized.

He asked the politician to stop wasting time and elect Deputy Michel Aoun.

“LF leader, Samir Geagea wants Aoun a president as well as PSP leader, Walid Jumblatt because they know that he will be the solution to end the ongoing stalemate,” he said.

“I tell you, the presidency requires the approval of the Future bloc and Saudi Arabia, or they will continue to disrupt the presidency. Look for the Future and the Saudi command to find the solution,” he concluded.