My Fellow Aounist Expatriates

By Marlene

While the whole world is standing against President Aoun and his Bloc, I am calling on you to remember who has been fiercely fighting against the naturalization of over 3 million refugees and migrants!

Remember who submitted laws to fight corruption, implement accountability, and restore looted funds.

Remember who fought to stop illegal money transfers for the political elites. Remember who fought to restore depositors’ money in Lebanese banks.

Remember who were the only politicians to lift banking secrecy off personal accounts.

Remember who fought to put forensic auditing into effect.

Remember who gave all expatriates the right to vote from abroad.

Remember who granted expatriates the right to be represented in the Lebanese Parliament.

Remember who granted Lebanese expatriates the right to re-acquire the Lebanese nationality.

Remember what this journey is about!

This is a patriotic mission that has been targeting a 30-year-old system of corruption and clientelism. Have no doubt that we are on the right track…! And we need to continue. We cannot stop the fight and surrender to the corrupt! Ask yourselves “what’s the alternative”?

We have been known to fight alone, but we fought together and today, we need to stay together!

We need your votes to keep fighting together, we need your votes to save Lebanon from collapsing!

Don’t give up the fight now!

Aounists around the world, Stand up for what is right!

Stand up for Lebanon and