Mokbel from Greece Supporting Lebanon not by money, by weapons

NNA – National Defense Minister, Samir Mokbel, said that aiding Lebanon should not be by money, but by weapons in order for the country to stay steadfast and able to confront and defeat terrorism.

Mokbel’s stance came Monday as he visited his Greek counterpart Panos Kammenos.

Kammenos said that fighting terrorism demanded an international cooperation, indicating that the Mediterranean Union has started to take its shape in this regard and “such could not be available without containing Lebanon.”

Both discussed the treaty relevant to military cooperation between Lebanon and Greece that would be signed upon Kammenos’s visit to Lebanon.

Both also studied the draft proposed by Mokbel relevant to turning back the displaced Syrians to their homeland as Lebanon could have no capacities to bear the burden of their presence.
In this connection, Kammenos said, “Lebanon who presented a model for humanity must not be breached.”