Kurdish-held cities in northeastern Syria more vulnerable to ISIS attacks

ARA News

AMUDE – A gunman was killed in the Kurdish city of Amude in northeastern Syria while trying to carry out a terror attack, local sources reported on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses and local activists told ARA News an attacker tried to place an explosive device in parked vehicle in central Amude, however it was exploded before being installed leading to the death of the militant, who is believed to have ties with the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS).

Nevertheless, an informed source within the Kurdish security forces [known as Asayish] said a person tried to blow up a vehicle with gasoline.

Reportedly, the attacker was part of an ISIS sleeping cell of five members in the areas of Amude and Dirbisiya, belonging to the Arab community, who were trying to plan attacks on the city of Amude, the centre of the local Kurdish administration.Noteworthy, a massive blast rocked the city of Qamishli on the 27th of July leading to the death of at least 50 civilians, and more than 177 injuries. ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly attack, saying it was “just the beginning”.

The recent attacks have resulted in a state of anxiety among the Syrian Kurds who fear more ISIS attacks.