Jreisati: Amal’s remarks on Sunni, Christian deal unacceptable

NNA – “Change and Reform” bloc held its weekly meeting on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Deputy Michel Aoun at the latter’s Rabieh residence.

Following the meeting former Minister, Salim Jreisati said that “Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri’s remarks on Sunni-Christian deal is unacceptable”.

“We will confront any attempt to stir strife,” he asserted.

The minister noted that the recent speeches of General Aoun and FPM chief, Jebran Bassil carried all the indications about a project to build the state with all the country’s elements without the elimination of anyone.

On the other hand, the minister said that “Change and Reform stressed the importance of passing an electoral law that ensures fair representation in line with the National Pact”.